Establishment of the company

ER3i launched its activity with IT development,immediately specialising in the Water and Energy business lines.


Establishment of the Electrotechnical department

The team was complemented by experienced personnel proficient in the development and manufacture of electrical power and automation cabinets.


Establishment of the Mechanical department

To be able to offer comprehensive “electromechanical” services, we recruited three hydroelectric mechanics specialists and established a branch in the Vosges.


Construction of a new workshop

A new building was built for product manufacturing (turbines, screen rakes, grilles, valves).


Commissioning of the first Kaplan turbine designed by ER3i

Following a lengthy R&D programme, we developed a Kaplan turbine for drops between three and seven metres which can operate at variable speed to maximise energy production and whose design reduces civil engineering costs as much as possible.


Commissioning of the first hydrodynamic screw in partnership with LANDUSTRIE

To address the issue of sites with low drops (between one and three metres) and ecological continuity constraints, we signed a partnership with LANDUSTRIE ( to be their distributor and integrator of hydroelectric screws for France.


Joining the Gérard Perrier Industrie group

In order to develop ER3i, we joined the Gérard Perrier Industrie group as a shareholder. This partnership was possible because we could identify with the values of this group which has reinforced our financial and technical capability, but which also gives us access to logistical support across France through its various subsidiaries, all of which work on activities related to our business lines.

Studies, manufacturing, installation, maintenance,...


The ER3i teams develop and design equipment and solutions for the Environment, Energy or Water Industry business lines.

Work at ER3i


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