ER3i is a reseller and integrator for France of LANDY hydroelectric screws from LANDUSTRIE (Netherlands). ER3i has developed a particular skill for integration into each site and provides a comprehensive solution for its customers.

LANDUSTRIE, a pumping solutions manufacturer which has been established for over a century, has for very many years been manufacturing energy generation screws for low drops. These turbines are completely fish-friendly and eco-friendly (no grease discharged into the river).

LANDY screws are particularly reliable and efficient.

Combined with ER3i automation solutions, they can generate energy from the weakest of flows right up to the strongest ones (up to 15m3/s per machine).

LANDY screws can operate at a fixed speed, at a variable speed or in a hybrid fashion.

They can either be installed in the conventional way, with a steel trough to insert into the concrete, or they can be self-supporting (lower civil engineering costs and faster construction).

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The ER3i teams develop and design equipment and solutions for the Environment, Energy or Water Industry business lines.


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Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of electrical and mechanical equipment for Energy and the Environment.